julia goodman

b. 1979, Atlanta, GA; lives and works in Berkeley, CA

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Julia Goodman has been creating handmade paper sculptures for more than ten years, using various techniques of papermaking with plant-based materials such as beets and natural fabrics. In her work, she explores human connections, life cycles, and symmetry between the celestial and the terrestrial. Her work has been exhibited at the San Jose Museum of Art; DePaul Art Museum; and Poetry Foundation, Chicago, IL. Goodman received her BA from Tufts University, Medfords, and both her MA and MFA from California College of the Arts, San Francisco, CA.

Installation views of Jewish Folktales Retold: Artist as Maggid at The Contemporary Jewish Museum, 2017. Photos by JKA Photography.

Work of art in the exhibition:
200 Year Present, 2017
Discarded and pulped bed sheets and t-shirts
78 x 168 x 44 in.
Project Assistants: Michelle Black, Amy Leners, and Mara Poliak

haptic encounter video

Haptic Encounters is a collaborative project with writer and professor Georgina Kleege that investigates how tactile and kinesthetic explorations of works of art can engage all visitors with the possibilities for appreciating art through a non-visual sense.

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Julia Goodman was inspired by the folktale The Bird of Happiness.”