Pierre-François Galpin and Renny Pritikin, co-curators

Organizing an exhibition comprised of commissions and producing an accompanying digital catalog are major tasks that cannot be done by two co-curators alone. This project would not have been possible without the support and contributions of so many colleagues.

We would like to first thank the artists for their inspiring contributions to the exhibition, and the honor it has been to work closely with them, from when we first sent our invitations to submit a proposal to the final fantastic results on view in the gallery. Thank you for being open to reinterpreting these Jewish folktales in surprising ways that we could not have imagined. Thank you Michael Arcega, Dina Goldstein, Julia Goodman, Andy Diaz Hope and Laurel Roth Hope, Vera Iliatova, David Kasprzak, Mads Lynnerup, Elisabeth Higgins O’Connor, Mike Rothfeld, Tracey Snelling, Chris Sollars, M. Louise Stanley, Inez Storer, Young Suh and Katie Peterson.

We have been very fortunate to work with artists we admire and co-workers we enjoy every day. Thank you to our esteemed colleagues in the Exhibitions department who truly made the exhibition happen: Rita Sobreiro Souther, registrar and exhibitions manager; Justin Limoges, chief preparator; Laura Moeller, associate registrar and conservator; Evan Moring, preparator; Crow Cianciola, exhibitions fabricator; Kyle Herbert, gallery tech coordinator, and the hard-working team of preparators. All your insights, expertise, and intuitions made the exhibition look exceptional in the gallery; thank you. Much appreciation goes to Sarah Hobin, curatorial assistant and Sophie Schwabacher, former curatorial associate for their outstanding assistance in all steps of the project.

Developing the content of the exhibition and the catalog, we have been able to count on many other people, within The CJM and beyond. We feel very fortunate to have worked with Howard Schwartz, folklorist consultant, and author of Leaves from the Garden of Eden: One Hundred Classic Jewish Tales for the inspiration he provided to us and the artists, as well as his collaboration. Thank you Gabriella Safran for your fascinating essay featured in our catalog. Thank you to all the storytellers we invited to record Schwartz’s tales and offering The CJM visitors original and compelling versions of the tales: thank you Liora Brosbe, Joel Ben Izzy, Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb, Jordan Hill, and Miriam Kanani. Finally, thank you to Katie Mulcoy, research assistant, and Sonya Lustig, Teen Art Connect intern, for their support on the exhibition research.

A digital catalog seemed like a Sisyphean task but guided by the brilliance of our team, the catalog represents The CJM at its best. Thank you Isabelle Smeall, creative services manager, for a playful yet deliberately sophisticated exhibition and catalog design; Laurie Lezin-Schmidt, digital content producer, for embarking on the video studio visits adventure so radiantly; David Elinoff, AV coordinator, for his maggid-ical sound editing skills; and Melanie Samay, associate director of marketing and communications, for her eagle-eyed editing. Thank you to our colleagues in the Education department for all the wonderful programs created in conjunction with the exhibition, and in particular Gravity Goldberg, associate director of public programs; Fraidy Aber, director of education; Janine Okmin, associate director of education, for their consistent help developing the exhibition and its catalog content. Thanks too to Cecile Puretz, access and community engagement manager, for bringing in the amazing Georgina Kleege to provide us with her haptic encounter exhibition component.

Thank you to the whole CJM team for the daily support and deep interest in the exhibition we created. Thank you Lori Starr, Executive Director, and Kerry King, Chief Operating Officer, for believing in the exhibition and making it a reality. We are also grateful to Andrea Morgan, director of institutional giving, for her help on the successful National Endowment for the Arts grant we received for the exhibition. We would also especially like to thank Linda Butler, former director of marketing and communications; Joe Hayes, director of facilities and operations; Mark Hurtado, security and operations manager; Stacy Rackusin, director of development; and Mark Reisbaum, Chief Philanthropy Officer. Thank you Steve Balog, Rachel Breuer, Cara Buchalter, Emily Byrne, Alissa Curtin, Julie Davis, Mike Fischer, Bin Goh, Alexis Gordon, Leah Greenberg, Kevin Grenon, Julie Grigoryan, Bernice Gross, Andrea Guskin, Emily Hunt, Anastasia James, Jen Loman, Cecile Puretz, Nina Sazevich, PJ Gubatina Policarpio, Rachel Smith, Janet Tang, Steve Wooten, and Amy Zimmerman.

Thank you to Marja van der Loo and Judy Moran for their daily creative and moral support. Finally, we would like to acknowledge each other and the delight of having curated this exhibition together.

Pierre-François Galpin and Renny Pritikin, co-curators